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Welcome to RUNRASCALS - inspired by a 3-year-old who is strong-willed, free-spirited, and constantly enthralled by the colours around him. His vibrant energy reminds us that every child is unique, each with their own mix of quirks, cheekiness, tantrums, personalities, and preferences.

As our little rascals grow, there will be moments when societal expectations may dim their liveliness. It is our belief that children should never be boxed into predefined moulds or assigned labels before they fully grasp their own identities.

Thus, our craft are not just things - they are the children’s freedom to express their authenticity. We want every RUNRASCALS item to tell a story, be it honouring a child’s favourite trinkets or sparking up meaningful conversations.


Our mission is simple: to empower kids to showcase themselves in their own way—through the colours they choose, the patches they adore, and the shapes that catch their eye. We want every product we create to tell each child’s unique story, reflecting what captivates them at this moment in their lives. Why do we do this? Because they are children and deserve the freedom to show the world who they are right now. Shop Now


We want to revolutionise children's apparel and products by challenging the norms, moving beyond just nice prints and standard offerings. Our vision is to craft interactive and customisable apparel that kids can truly make their own—whether it’s slapping on their favourite patch or putting their new favourite outfit together. We are about setting a new standard for kidswear, one that’s as adventurous and spirited as the children who wear it. Shop Now
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